Royal Household Records to go online

If you think you have an ancestor who worked for the Royal family then here is some good news for !! An agreement has been reached between FindMyPast and the Royal Archives to scan and place online on the FindMyPast website documents that will help trace the employment history of the Royal employees.

The records range from the 17th century to 1920. Something to look forward to!!

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Queen Victoria’s Journals now online

A partnership between the Royal Archives and the Bodleian Library has brought us the 141 volumes of Queen Victoria’s private diaries. I believe that some of her diaries were destroyed by one of her daughter upon the Monarch’s death, but many have survived and are now available online at

There are 13volumes in Victoria’s own hand survive, and the majority of the remaining volumes were transcribed after Queen Victoria’s death by her youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice, on her mother’s instructions

The journals are searchable by word.

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