Historic Bristol Maps Online

Historic Bristol Maps OnlineThis website offers access to historic maps, images & links for the city of Bristol. There is a good guide to using the site and what you can expect to find. Even though I don’t have any Bristol family I had great fun playing with this website !!




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Nunhead Cemetery Photos

Nunhead Cemetery PhotosWhilst on the subject of Nunhead Cemetery (see previous post) I came across these websites which contain great photos of the cemetery. A couple of the sites include 360 panoramic photos, what clever people. I am just pleased when I produce a straight forward photo that is in focus and doesn’t cut anyone’s head off !!




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Church Photographs

Church PhotographsHave just found this rather useful website, it contains photos of churches and chapels, some are old postcards which give an idea of what the churches looked like before the modern day encroached on them.

Take a look!