Nunhead Cemetery Photos

Abney Park 1Whilst on the subject of Nunhead Cemetery (see previous post) I came across these websites which contain great photos of the cemetery. A couple of the sites include 360 panoramic photos, what clever people. I am just pleased when I produce a straight forward photo that is in focus and doesn’t cut anyone’s head off !!

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Nunhead Cemetery

clip_image002If you have ancestors who lived in the Camberwell district, South East London then you will enjoy taking a look at The Friends of Nunhead Cemetery website. The chances are that you might find some of your folk were buried in this wonderful Victorian Cemetery.

The site has a good page on the grave stone symbols that can be  found within the cemetery, all with their particular meaning. They also offer an online book store offering books on the cemetery and the surrounding area.

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Friends of Nunhead Cemetery

The website of the people who care for the clip_image002well being of Nunhead Cemetery. They organise a conducted tour on the last Sunday of each month, plus have undertaken the task of monumental inscription recording. If you join you get a regular newsletter and can attend meetings which have speakers on subjects of interest to those who have a passion for Victorian Cemeteries !

The site has a useful page about the tombstone symbols that can be found at Nunhead and other Victorian burial places as well as some interesting photo galleries.

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