Norfolk Museum Services

Norfolk Museum ServiceNorfolk Museum Service is a hidden treasure trove for genealogists who have ancestors in the county. I follow Cromer Museum, which is one of their museums, on Twitter and thought I would go and see what was on offer.

Well …. the big find for me was their collection of old images of Norfolk, it is great and as I do have a Norfolk family I had a wonderful time browse through the collection. To get access you click on the “Search Our Collection” button on the right hand side of the page which I have put a link to below and away you go.

The Waterways Trust

The Waterways Trust Family HistoryThis website is a must for those with ancestors who worked the canals. The site includes the National Waterways Museum, Gloucester Waterways Museum and the Canal Museum, in Northamptonshire. The archives of the trust hold a host of material concerning the history of canals & inland waterways, include early canal companies records, boat-building plans, working records, accounts, letters and photographs.

Remember that if you have family who were canal folk then search along the canal for churches were children may have been christened, family members buried and where marriages might have taken place. Canal people weren’t attached to a static parish, but it is known that some families did favour certain churches along the canal route.

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Ragged Schools: Education for the poor

clip_image002Now sit up straight, no talking, arms folded ……. hands up all those who have ancestors who might have attended a Ragged School? Yes I can see that most of you have your hands up and those who haven’t just have not been attending in history class !!!!!!

If you have poor folk sitting on the branches of your family tree then the chances are some of them attended a ragged school and perhaps learnt enough to sign their names in the parish register when they got married or advanced themselves in life by having had a basic education.

If you happen to live or be visiting London then a trip to the Ragged School Museum might be a worthwhile use of a morning or afternoon. Housed in what was London’s largest Ragged School this family friendly museum offers an experience of what it was like for the East End poor a century & more ago.

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Gressenhall Workhouse

clip_image002I came across this website whilst looking for something else as you do on the internet ! If you have ancestors who were unlucky enough to have been inhabitants of the Gressenhall Workhouse in Norfolk then you will be fascinated by this website. The workhouse first opened in 1776 and didn’t close until 1948 so quite a long span of time.

If you live in the area then a visit would be fascinating, but for the rest of us this site will prove to be a good 2nd best.

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Titanic Historical Society

clip_image002I recall seeing in a museum in Southampton a photograph of the children of the city who had been orphaned by the sinking of the Titanic. I am sure that this photograph will be prominent in the new SeaCity Museum which opens on 10th April.

There will be a number of family historians who find that family members have a Titanic connection whether it be victims or survivors. A good website to begin background research is the oldest Titanic Society, The Titanic Historical Society Inc.

Also the bookshops are full of books, I’d be interested to hear from readers which books they have bought and what they thought of them.

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