Apprencticeship Registers 1710 – 1811

I see that have put up a new dataset, Apprenticeship Registers 1710 – 1811. The website says ….

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<script type=text/javascript src= ads.js></script></div></p>Until the 19th century, young apprentices relied on their masters for food and shelter as well as their training — so their happiness depended entirely on their employer. Find out whether your ancestors endured these trying conditions with our new Apprentice Registers.

These documents were created to record a tax paid by the master. They can tell you what trade your forebear learnt, the master’s name and address and even details of the child’s parents.

Ancestry seem to be really getting into occupational records which is great to see and so helpful for putting flesh on the bones of our ancestors lives. I see that there is also a video which described these records.