1911 Census for London, Yorkshire and Lancashire now on Ancestry.

clip_image002Ancestry have just put the 1911 census for London, Yorkshire & Lancashire is online. Yippee !!  So lots to look at in the run up to Christmas.

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Fulham website

clip_image002[4]An excellent website for those with ancestors from Sands End & Fulham, London. The website is run by Frank Czucha and includes history, stories, photos, a forum and a wealth of background information.

Well worth a look, congratulations to Frank and all who contributed their memories & stories.



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London Wills 1523 – 1857

Ancestry.co.uk has just released London wills 1523 – clip_image0021857. Wow !! What a resource these are going to be. A veritable goldmine for all genealogists. Most family trees are going to have ancestors who wandered through London at some stage so it is well worth taking a look.


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Pre 1812 London Parish Registers online

clip_image002Ancestry.co.uk now has the pre 1812 London parish registers indexed as well as the digital images online. This is great news for those with London ancestors, and let’s face it who hasn’t!

You will need to have a subscription to access these indexes and images, but it has got to be cheaper for most of us than a trip to London. Of course your local library might have a library subscription to Ancestry so you could ask about that.

www. ancestry.co.uk


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London Land Tax Records


clip_image002Ancestry.co.uk has recently published the London Land Tax Valuations for 1910. The records were compiled as part of what became known as the Domesday Survey, the government at the time wanted to re-distribute wealth  through the assessment of land values. Nice idea, but obviously didn’t work that well!!!

Want to have a look, but not an Ancestry subscriber? Then click here for a free 14 day trial.