The Huguenot Society of Great Britain

clip_image002Many family historians find hidden amongst the branches of their family trees a connection to the French Protestants who fled their homelands to find religious freedom in England.

A usual place to start your search for these ancestors and to understand the background and reasons for their flight is The Huguenot Society of Great Britain. The site has a family history section as well as a  list of their publications and details of their library. I see that an index to the Proceeding & Quarto Series in now online.

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Huguenot Society of GB & Ireland

I’m doing some research for a client and it looks clip_image002as if his family is heading towards being Huguenots. I’ve not research in that area before so not sure if I have the expertise to help. Anyway a quick Google search came up with the Huguenot Society and that seems a good place to start.


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