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Many of you will have used the very useful Hugh Wallis Batch Number site over the past few years. It was a great site which was so helpful to so many family historians. Sadly it now has many problems due to the change in how the new family search website is constructed.


However there is a good entry on the familysearch blog which might help researchers. The site starts …..

The Hugh Wallis web site has been a popular and effective online utility tool for researchers to find relevant data on all ancestral connections found in FamilySearch extraction batches of vital and parish records of birth/christenings and marriages. Due to changes in the system, the web site became disabled and out of service until recently. Now, some batches do not appear in Batch Number searches.

The Hugh Wallis site is still there, but isn’t working 100% so if you are having troubles go and read the Familysearch blog and all may (or may not !) become clear.

Oldham, Lancashire Cemetery Registers

clip_image002Cemetery records 1797 – 2004 for Oldham, Lancashire are now available online on familysearch. The site gives this information ….

This collection contains cemetery registers from Hollinwood, Failsworth, Royton, Crompton, Chadderton, Lees, and Greenacres cemeteries in Oldham. Most registers contain, name, address, date of death, date of burial and burial location.

The records start from when the cemeteries were established so don’t expect records from 1797 for all the cemeteries. There is a more details explanation about the records if you click on the “learn more” button.

The records are very extensive featuring Burial Registers, Crematorium Registers, Stillborn Registers, Armed Services & War Dead Registers, Grave Plans & Family Plot Registers. There are indexes, but you can also browse through scans of the original documents. Wonderful resource. It’s just a pity that I don’t have anyone from Oldham !!


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Essex parish records online



An index (limited transcript) of Essex parish registers 1538 – 1900 are now online free at

There are no images available at the familysearch site, but scans of the actual registers can be found at


And last, but not least the Essex Online Parish Clerk is at





1940 US Census have announced that it will be making the US 1940 census free to view until 31 December 2012. The records will be released by the US National Archives on 2 April 2012 and then there will be a wait whilst they are indexed by Ancestry.

This census might be handy to search, when it is finally completed, for those 20th century ancestors who hopped over the water before the Second World War.

Familysearch has said they intend to keep the records free of charge, but it is not clear if they will be offering scans of the census as well as the index.


Familysearch Problems

I see in various blogs and magazine articles that many people are finding the new familysearch website a challenge. I must say that I don’t find it as user friendly as the old site and I like to think I am reasonable computer & website savvy.

clip_image002This is so unlike the LDS who have always seemed to me to be top players in the online genealogy field. Don’t get me wrong I am very grateful to them for allowing the public access to their resources at no charge.

One of the main problems is that not all of the data has been brought across from the old site, I am not talking about the member submitted entries, but the extracted material. Like Sue Paul who wrote a letter to Your Family History magazine recently I have found that quite a few Bedfordshire parishes are missing. Also I use the batch number facility often to search a complete parish, but this seems to be almost impossible on the new website.

The good news is that the old site is still available and hopefully it won’t disappear into the ether before all the teething troubles of the new site have been solved. My solution to this problem, which I am sure is temporary, is to search both sites.

So here are links to

The Old Familysearch


The New Familysearch

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