Genealogy Snippets 11 July 2012

Genealogy Snippets are short news items that I think you would want to hear about sooner rather than later.

1. Family Search has just put online 76 million new records, those guys never do things in small numbers !! Amongst the countries covered are Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

2. The Family History Library in Salt Lake City has added more books to their collection. These items are only available for viewing at the library. For a list of the books click on

3. FindMyPast has just added to it’s Kent collection with 12,832 burials from Greenwich, Kent. Greenwich is on the edges of London so if you are missing someone in London then it would be worthwhile searching in the Kent collection for them. Date range is 1748 – 1793.

4.FindMyPast has also added to its Wales Collection, this time it is for the parish of Llanymawddwy, Mallwyd. Baptisms 1568 – 1894, Marriages 1568 – 1837 and Burials 1813 – 1888.

Think that is all the snippets for today, but I have just seen that Find My Past has just put up a major collection and that deserves a full post.

Old Family Search R.I.P

Old FamilySearch Family History

We all came to love the old FamilySearch we knew our way round it, knew it’s strengths and weaknesses, we knew that if it could it would find Great Aunt Matilda who changed her name four times in her 80 years !!

Then came that upstart new FamilySearch, we didn’t take to it immediately, it offered options like never before, it had a few teething troubles, but now we and it have matured and we were transferring our affection from the old to the new slowly, but surely. That process has been hastened by the quiet demise last week when the old FamilySearch website was taken down.

Rest in Peace old FamilySearch.

Genealogy Maturity Model – Baby Steps

Genealogical Maturity ModelI have posted before about The Ancestry Insider’s “Genealogical Maturity Model” which is a system of self evaluation and self improvement based on the five experience levels and five aspects of the evidence analysis process: sources, information, evidence, conclusions, and citations.

The system is now online on the FamilySearch Wiki and is well worth a perusal.

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IGI now on FamilySearch

FamilySearch IGIOn the FamilySearch blog there is a posting announcing that the IGI is now available on FamilySearch.

As a long time user of the IGI I knew that there has always been issues with reliability particularly with user submitted entries. The user submitted entries were entries submitted by LDS members from their own research, some of which were flights of fancy and others had a name, an “abt” date and an “abt” place. It has always been a matter of sifting the good from the bad.

The new FamilySearch addressed this problem and used only data from the actual records which had been transcribed twice and then checked for any anomalies so was pretty good.

So the addition of the IGI is interesting, as far as I can see it is to be kept separate and is being split between user submitted entries and extracted entries which will be most helpful.

You really need to read the blog posting yourselves so you can be clear what it is you will be looking at, it’s source and how to access the index. So …… 


Want to be a Beta Tester for FamilySearch?

clip_image002FamilySearch is looking for people to test drive some of their future products. You will get a look at what the future holds and get to try ideas out and then give feedback. Sounds like a fun way to give something back to the world of genealogy