Dick Eastman’s Blog

I mentioned Dick Eastman’s blog whilst written the previous posting. Although USA based Dick also covers items of interest to English genealogists. You can subscribe and get a free email which comes through most days or pay and get access to a “Plus Edition” with extra articles.

I can recommend subscribing to the free mailing list, the “Plus Edition” seems to be more USA based. If you don’t want the emails popping into your box most days then simply go to his website.


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Guide to Salt Lake City

Through reading Dick Eastman’s blog I came across this great guide to Salt Lake City it is called “The Chart Chick’s Quick Insider’s Guide to Salt Lake City”. Written by Janet Hovorka it is an excellent guide to Salt Lake City for genealogist, she covers all aspects of a trip to Salt Lake City. Wish I had had this before my first trip there!!

The guide is available as a free PDF download and if you want a paper copy that is available for $15 US.


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