Wiltshire Cemeteries back online

Records for seven Wiltshire cemeteries are back online at DeceasedOnline. The records were online briefly in 2011, but were withdrawn as they weren’t to DeceasedOnline’s high standards. About 45,000 burials are recorded in these records with a start date of 1856. The cemeteries are …..

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Bradford-on-Avon Cemetery, Holt Road, Bradford-Upon-Avon.
Nearly 8,000 burial records, from 21st August 1856 to 7th April 1915, are available as computerised index data only. Burial records, from 21st April 1915 to 5th January 2010, are available as burial register scans in various formats with between 8 and 20 entries per scanned page.

Hilperton Cemetery, The Knap, Hilperton.
Approximately 1,000 burial records, from 2nd February 1907 to 27th January 2010, are available as burial register scans with 8 entries per scanned page.

Holt Cemetery, Gaston, Holt.
Approximately 1,500 burial records, from 19th April 1894 to 28th January 2010, are available as burial register scans with 20 entries per scanned page.

Melksham Cemetery, Western Way, Melksham.
Approximately 1,500 burial records, from 15th May 1945 to 4th January 2010, are available as burial register scans in various formats with between 8 and 20 entries per scanned page.

Trowbridge Cemetery, The Down, Trowbridge.
Nearly 21,000 burial records, from 10th April 1856 to 3rd January 2010, are available as burial register scans in various formats with between 8 and 30 entries per scanned page.

Warminster Cemetery (also known as Pine Lawns Cemetery), Folly Lane, Warminster.
Approximately 1,200 burial records, from 16th June 1970 to 4th December 2009, are available as burial register scans in various formats at various entries per scanned page.

Westbury Cemetery, Bratton Road, Westbury
Approximately 7,000 burial records are available. The First 3000+ burials dated 19th May 1857 to 10th February 1931 are available as computerised index data only. The following 4,000 burials dated 11th February 1931 to 25th January 2010, are available as burial register scans in various formats with between 8 and 29 entries per scanned page.

Note: Wiltshire Council have requested that the addresses of the deceased are not shown in burial register scans for the last 15 years and that burial register entries are not made available to view until they are 3 years old.



Image – © Copyright Derek Harper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Eltham Crematoria Records online

Eltham Crematoria Records online<p><!   adsense ad injection by Adsense Explosion failed   suspected violation of Policy Content (https://support.google.com/adsense/bin/answer.py?stc=aspe 1pp it&answer=48182)   detect  sex  word   ></p>Deceased Online have announced that 210,000 records for one of London’s biggest & busiest crematoria are now available on their website.

Eltham Crematoria serves a large part of South East London including two London Borough areas, Bexley and Greenwich, together with the Dartford area in North West Kent.

Digital scans of cremation registers typically include: name, address, marital status, cremation number, date of cremation, date of death, age, sex, denomination, occupation, applicant and death registration details

In addition, for the first time we have included the map locations of ashes, scattering and burial, in the Crematorium grounds (where available)


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Cotswold Burials

Cotswold BurialsCotswold cemeteries’ records now on Deceased Online

Burial records for picturesque rural English area added to Deceased Online.

· Approximately 20,000 burial records for two cemeteries managed by Cotswold District Council are now available on Deceased Online

  • Chesterton Cemetery, opened 1872, is located in the ‘Cotswold capital’ Cirencester and Stratton Cemetery (in Stratton, just outside Cirencester) has records from 1888. All records for both cemeteries are available.
  • The records comprise digital scans of burial registers, details of graves and maps indicating the locations of many of the graves.
  • Cotswold District Council is a large area serving a region that stretches from Chipping Campden in the north down to Tetbury in the south west and covering towns such as Moreton-in-Marsh, Bourton and Stow-on-the-Wold.


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Overleigh Cemetery Records now online

Overleigh Cemetery Records now onlineDeceased Online have added the records for Overleigh Cemetery 1850 – 1953 to their website.

  • The records date from 1850 to 1953; records for 1953 to October 2011, the Overleigh ‘New’ Cemetery, are already on www.deceasedonline.com.
  • The records comprise burial register scans and grave details; maps indicating grave locations will be added in the near future.
  • Overleigh Cemetery contains many historically interesting burials and beautiful memorials such as the celebrated ‘Queen of the Gypsies’, Mary Finney, and her husband Guilderoy Finney.
  • The Cemetery also has many records featuring Irish names so will be of interest to the Irish diaspora.
  • The total dataset for the council area, Cheshire West and Chester, now comprises over 200,000 burial and cremation records.
  • For further details, see the ‘database coverage’ section at www.deceasedonline.com.
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West Ham Burial records

West Ham Burial recordsDeceased Online have just announced an addition to their extensive Greater London holdings. West Ham, Newham Cemetery opened in 1857 and was one of London’s first publicly owned cemeteries. The cemetery covers 22 acres and comprises 180,000 burials. Elizabeth Stride, one of the victims of Jack the Ripper, is buried in this cemetery.


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