The Genealogists Internet 5th edition

The Genealogists Internet 5th edition


The Genealogists Internet 5th edition edited by Peter Christian should be on every family historian’s book shelf. I can’t think of any genealogist who isn’t using computers and the internet now so this practical guide to the major family history websites is an essential piece of kit. The 5th edition is fully updated, the URL’s have been checked so they are working. There are articles on a variety of subjects and listings of family history societies.


Apps for Family Historians

clip_image002Genealogists have taken to computer and other technology like ducks to water! I am sure that the inventors and designers of computers, ipads, notebooks etc. did not envisage their target market as being people who spend their spare time head down in dusty archives!

Now however the spending power of the family historian is being wooed by the major brands of tech products. In the March issue of Your Family History magazine there is a good article on Apps for family historians, it reviews a range of products with price from “free” to £8.99. If you are the proud owner of an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad then get your hands on a copy of this magazine and see if something featured takes your fancy.

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