Overleigh Cemetery Records now online

AP 2Deceased Online have added the records for Overleigh Cemetery 1850 – 1953 to their website.

  • The records date from 1850 to 1953; records for 1953 to October 2011, the Overleigh ‘New’ Cemetery, are already on www.deceasedonline.com.
  • The records comprise burial register scans and grave details; maps indicating grave locations will be added in the near future.
  • Overleigh Cemetery contains many historically interesting burials and beautiful memorials such as the celebrated ‘Queen of the Gypsies’, Mary Finney, and her husband Guilderoy Finney.
  • The Cemetery also has many records featuring Irish names so will be of interest to the Irish diaspora.
  • The total dataset for the council area, Cheshire West and Chester, now comprises over 200,000 burial and cremation records.
  • For further details, see the ‘database coverage’ section at www.deceasedonline.com.
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West Ham Burial records

Deceased Online have just announced an addition to their extensive Greater London holdings. West Ham, Newham Cemetery opened in 1857 and was one of London’s first publicly owned cemeteries. The cemetery covers 22 acres and comprises 180,000 burials. Elizabeth Stride, one of the victims of Jack the Ripper, is buried in this cemetery.


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Irish Burial Records

clip_image002This website has more than 1.5 million burials & cremations recorded in it’s database.  The cemeteries covered are Glasnevin, Dardistown, Goldenbridge, Newlandds Cross & Palmerstown, all of which are in the Dublin area.

Searching the index is free, if you wish to get more detailed information the cost is between 3 – 8 credits, credits can be purchased online for £1 per credit.

The Trust recently was awarded the CIGO 2011 Award for Excellence in Genealogy.


Manchester General Cemetery Project

clip_image002Whilst researching the previous post I came across this website regarding the project to record all the monumental inscriptions in the Manchester General Cemetery. Great website, beautifully presented and with lots of information.

What would the genealogy world do without volunteers such as these. Browsing the website they haven’t just meandered round and recorded the upright stones, but have dug, prised up and generally excavated stones that have fallen over. Well done team Smile


Manchester Burials Online

IMG_2759Have you got ancestors who might have been buried in Manchester ? If so then this is the website for you. Manchester City Council offer a free database of the burials in the cemeteries in their care.

The database is very easy to use, you put in the names of your ancestor, hit the submit button and it comes up with a list of possible entries. This page gives you the burial date, full name, Cemetery, grave number and at the end of the row is a “view details” button. Click on that and it takes you to a list of who else is in the grave.

You can buy credits which will give you fuller details, but the free part of the database is very helpful on its own.