Surrey Marriages online

Those of you who follow this site regularly will know about my theory that Ancestry put the announcements up on their site a few hours before the link is 100% working. Well it has happened again, I have been busy on the Ancestry site and suddenly a Surrey Marriages button comes up.

So if you think you have ancestors who may have married in Surrey it would pay to take a look in a few hours time when it is up and running !

American Records Free on Ancestry

USA records

If you have ancestors who went off to America then you will be pleased to hear that for a limited time Ancestry is offering their American records free. This is all to do with the launch of the images from the 1940 census. Here is what they say …..

We‘re celebrating our American cousins for the next nine days. To mark our launch of the page images from the 1940 US census, we‘ve made all our American records covering the ‘1940 era’ completely FREE!*

From 2nd-10th April, anyone can search and view over 750 million records from 139 different collections. These include birth, marriage and death records, passenger lists, military records and even the entire 1930 U.S. Census!

*The collections will be available to search for free on 00.01 BST on 02 April 2012 until 11.59 BST 10 April 2012. To view these records you will need to register for free with with your name and email address.

Victoria Cross Medal List have announced a new addition to their military collection. Even if you don’t have a recipient on your family tree it would be interesting to find out if anyone from your ancestors village or town was awarded the highest bravery award.


The Victoria Cross is Britain’s highest award for bravery “in the face of the enemy”. Our latest record collection provides extensive details of the 1,354 soldiers, sailors and civilians under military command who had earned it up to 2007.

Victoria Cross Medals, 1857–2007, provides each recipient’s name, birth and death dates, their last known rank or unit and a full description of the courageous act that won them the medal. For most of these heroes, you’ll even find a portrait photo, plus details of their final resting place.

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London Electoral Rolls

clip_image002A new offering this morning from is the London Electoral Rolls 1835 – 1965 so quite a wide range of years. The rolls generally give you a name & address, which is so helpful for those between census years.

There is a good explanation of the rolls on the site …..

Electoral registers are lists of individuals who are eligible to vote during the time the register is in force (usually one year). Registration for voters in England has been required since 1832, and registers were typically published annually, though some years had two. Registers were not published during the latter years of World War 1 (1916–1917) or World War 2 (1940–1944).

Restrictive property requirements denied the vote to much of the population for years, though these were eased somewhat in 1867 and 1884 through the Second and Third Reform Acts. They were finally removed, for men, in 1918, when most males age 21 and older were allowed to vote. The franchise was extended to some women over the age of 30 in 1918, but it was not until 1928 that the voting age was made 21 for both men and women.

Thus, the number of names listed in the registers increases with the expansion of suffrage in England, and the 2 million images in this database list more than 100 million names.

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Tylers Collection East Kent now online

I have been alerted to another dataset put onto website. This time it in the Tyler Collection which is held by the in Canterbury, Kent.

Knowing nothing about this collection I read up about it on the ancestry site. It seems that Frank Watt Tyler compiled 3,240 books which contained transcripts of parish registers, monumental inscriptions and wills. His area of interest was East Kent and the records run from 1538 – 1874.

This sounds like one of those little know resources that are now available to be used by a much wider audience. So anyone with East Kent families this could be worth a search.