Ancestry 1911 Census complete

Great news that Ancestry now has the complete 1911 census indexed, it still has the final column that asks about infirmities covered, but no doubt that will be revealed in due course.

The 1911 is important, as all the census are, but especially so as not many years afterwards WW1 started and many of the young men recorded on this census went off to fight the war to end all wars. What a wonderful concept that was and it must have been a great rallying cry for recruitment. We all know that it didn’t work out like that, but as I work through the census adding the information to my genealogy I shall give a special thought to those of my ancestors who didn’t return for the fields of France.

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1911 Census “infirmity details” now online

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<script type=text/javascript src= ads.js></script></div></p>Find My Past has announced that the previously blocked out infirmity column is now available to view. To celebrate this addition they are offering a reduced rate until 31 January 2012. The cost is 10 credits instead of 30 for a viewing of the original document or 5 credits instead of 10 for a transcript.

If you purchase a Full Subscription then you don’t have to pay the above as access to the 1911 census is included.


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1911 Census–Even more counties !!!!!

Opps 1911 Census–Even more counties !!!!!

1911 Census–Even more counties !!!!!I was so busy trying to get the exciting news out to you all about the 1911 census for London, Lancashire & Yorkshire that I did move down the page on Ancestry.

In fact they have lots of counties online now. Here is the full list. So much to do so little time !!

Channel Islands
Isle of Man

Royal Navy

Yorkshire – East Riding
Yorkshire – North Riding
Yorkshire – West Riding

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