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Suffolk FHSSuffolk Family History Society are pleased to announce that their Members Interests are now available online.

Access to this service is totally FREE to everyone provided the member has an email address. If the member has no email address, then Suffolk FHS incur a charge contacting the member. However, for an introductory period this will also be FREE!

So if you have Suffolk ancestors consider joining up and in the mean time take advantage of this free offer.

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  1. I address for your help to get information my grandfather – Shilov Nikolay Grigoriyevih ( the correct spelling ) He was born in Russia, Village Mylinki 1888, emigrated to USA and has arrived in New York Aug 10. 1913. He died about 1960 – s. In February 2010 I have found that :
    1. – Nicholas Shelow living in East Setauket, NY in Suffolk County, in 1917- 1918, he is from the village: Mylniki and was born Desember 4, 1888 in Russia
    he was a soldier, in America he woked in grocery.
    2. – Nicholas and Josephine Shelow lived Brookhaven town, in Suffolk, NY in
    1920. Nicholas is a retail grocery, he emigrated to the USA from
    Poland in 1914 ? Under my data, he served in army 1908 – 1913, I think – in
    Poland ( Poland to 1917 was as part of the Russian empire ) he knew Poland
    and has emigrated through it and he write, that has emigrated from
    I have been looking for my grandfather since 1990. I would like to know any information about my grandfather ( cemetery, gravesite, obituary ) his family.
    Best Viktor Borovik. E mail [email protected]

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