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The Society of Genealogists has an increasing number of online datasets available to their members. Those of us with Solicitors on our family tree will find this one helpful.

Solicitors’ index


This index was originally compiled on record cards and donated to the Society by the professional genealogist Brian Brooks in 2002. It was subsequently converted into digital form by Les Muriel. The coverage is not comprehensive and so it should only be treated as a finding aid. Some counties receive fuller treatment than others and it should be noted that since Mr Brooks retained the cards for London, Middlesex, Sussex and Wales no entries exist for these places. There is relatively little data on Scotland and India. The index was compiled from numerous sources including the following:

  • Law Lists: 1780, 1790, 1793, 1800, 1802, 1805, 1808-1828, 1830-1840, 1843-1849, 1851-1855, 1861. (The 1861 edition was sometimes used to show date of admission.) The Clerks of the Counties 1360-1960 by Sir Edgar Stephens, 1961

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