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   If you have ancestors who were members of the Salvation Army or who were helped by this organisation then this website is for you.  Details of the history & people are on the website plus information on how to research personnel further. There are online catalogues to help with your research.



  1. Lisa Cruse says:

    my late father Francis Venables and his brother Joseph Venables and their parents were members of the salvation army in the Sutton area. My father died when I was six (in 1970) and uncle Jo in 1979 and I know nothing else about them or their family it would be good to know if this that I’ve have been told is true.

  2. Barbara Verco says:

    My grandmother Jane Verco and my grandfather John Verco were salvationists in Battersea from the 1800s Jane Verco was on the 1891 censes but then dissappears from view. I have found her death certificate she died in Tooting Bec hospital in 1945 I did not know she was still alive but have been told she was put in an institution for reglious fervour I don’t know when could you help. John verco had an Army funerial in 1956. many thanks

  3. I was born Nov. 11/51. I was adopted. I am searching for information of my grandparents. The little information that I have is my great-grandfather Alfred Gordon Smith with his wife (name unknown) came to Canada (I believe they went to Montreal) from England in 1919. They had a daughter with them, Ruth Gertrude Smith, who was about 2-4 yrs old. Ruth’s mother died not long after they arrived in Canada. It sounds like they came to Canada working with the Salvation Army. Alfred Gordon Smith remarried and letters indicate his new wife was with the S.A. They had a son named Gordon. Alfred Gordon Smith was referred in one letter as Adjutant. His wife was very involved with the youth and a group called Thornton Heath Corp. Cadets in Montreal. Any help or guidance as to where I can get more information, marriage, births, deaths and burials etc. would be very much appreciated. Yours truly, Sharon Murdock, Ajax, Ont. 905-686-9162

    • Hi Sharon,
      I don’t have any access to Salvation Army Archives so I am unable to help you. I suggest you contact your nearest Salvation Army Citadel and ask for their help.

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