Quaker Family History Society

Quaker Family History GenealogyDo you have Quaker’s on your family tree ? If so then you may already belong to the Quaker Family History Society, if not then I think you should check out this website and consider joining. The great thing about Quakers, from a history point of view is that they were wonderful record keepers often making note of everyone who attended their meetings.


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  1. Hello. I wonder if you can help me. I’m researching my family history and have discovered my great great grandfather was a Quaker. His name was Richard Nowell and he was born in 1821 and died in 1870 in York and is buried at the Retreat Quaker burial site. He married Grace Cocker at Ripon Cathedral in 1845. Unfortunately I cannot find any record of his birth and so cannot trace his parents and also do not know if Grace was a Quaker. I think she was as my grandmother told me her father was brought up a Quaker but married out of the faith. There is no re3cord anywhere of their births. Regards Carolyn

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