Putting your Family History online for free

clip_image002I am often asked if it is possible to put your family history online for free, the answer is yes there are several places that offer you the opportunity to put your genealogy online and hopefully find other people researching the same families.

Today I will post about putting your family tree on Ancestry. I wrote to them to make sure I had all my facts right and below is their answer.

Just remember that your research will be there for anyone to copy onto their trees, so don’t be surprised if some of your work pops up somewhere else – take it as a compliment that someone thinks your tree is worth copying!!

To get a Free 14 day Trial of Ancestry.co.uk click here

Here is the Ancestry reply.

Thank you for contacting Ancestry.co.uk regarding ancestry trees.

It is possible to create a family tree on a guest account that does not require a subscription. Free Guest accounts have been put in place to allow members to:

• Access family tree features, such as building and sharing a tree

• View a tree you have been invited to

• Utilize the learning centre and receive a monthly newsletter

• Access any free database

Please note that a paid account is required in order to access the subscriber only databases. If you try to access a subscriber only database using a free Guest account username and password, you will receive a message indicating that you need to upgrade your account. An individual can upgrade your account online by clicking on the “My Account” link at the upper right of the screen (after logging in).

If anyone would like to share their tree with another Ancestry.com user, a family member, or a friend they can invite them to see their tree. The following link explains how to send invitations to Personal Member Trees on Ancestry.com.

How to invite people to visit my Personal Member Tree

Please note, to accept the invitation, if they are not already registered with Ancestry.com, they will need to create a username and password (guest account) on Ancestry.com. The following article contains instructions for creating a guest account.

Ancestry Guest registration

To accept the tree invitation, please follow the steps below.

Accepting Ancestry.com tree invitations



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