PRONI changes & new online datasets



imageThis press release came via the FFHS.

PRONI will be moving to a prominent position close to the Odyssey Arena and adjacent to the Gateway building at the entrance to the Titanic Quarter, Belfast.  It is scheduled to open to the public in May/June 2011.

In preparation for this, customers of PRONI are being given twelve months notice that there will be a temporary change to service delivery between September 2010 and May 2011.

To help alleviate the inconvenience to customers during a period of on-site closure the amount and range of material available on-line will be extended. This will include the Belfast Street Directories (pre-1901) going on-line in September 2009 which will make the contents of 27 street directories for Belfast and provincial towns available to a worldwide audience.  Additional databases scheduled for completion in 2009/10 financial year include 1766 Religious Census Returns, 1775 Dissenters Petitions and the pre-1910 Coroners’ Inquests.

More information can be found on the PRONI website at




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