Pomeroy Family History


Pomeroy Family AssociationChris Pomeroy is well known in genealogy circles as an expert in DNA as well as his leadership of the Pomeroy Family Association. So if you have Pomeroy’s or one of the variants of the name on your family tree then you are very lucky and can link in with some very knowledgeable genealogists!


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  1. barb mcintire says:

    Looking for info on Martha Woodbury Pomeroy {1820} who married Samuel G Davis in 1846 she died in 1880 in Portland Me. Also her sister Joanna York Pomeroy [b 1813 ]who married George W Davis in 1832. she died in 1879. They were daughters of Richard Pomeroy {1771} and Joanna York{1780} other children were:William, Nathaniel, Fredick, Alexander , Ira , Olive and Ehen. Believe all were born in the Portland area of Maine. THank You

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