Poll Books Online

Ancestry.co.uk have recently put online Poll Books that are part of the London Metropolitan Archives holdings. Although held by a London based archive these poll books cover the UK. They mainly cover the time period 1832 – 1872, but some date back earlier.

Prior to 1872 voters had to declare publicly who they were voting for. There was much concern that voters could be bought by a candidate to ensure their success. These documents are well worth searching as it was not just the wealthy who could vote, tradesmen often appear amongst the list of voters.




  1. Jason Courtney says:

    Hi Linda
    Great stuff!
    I have hit a wall with my reasearch into the Devon Courtney/Courtenay family.
    I have got to 1726 the Marriage of John Courtney to Mary Williams in Ilfracombe Devon but am am having trouble obtaing a birth register for John.
    Can you help?



  2. where can i get poll books for ponteract wakefield 18 19th centuary from or reseach can you help? kind regards Susan Dye nee waterton

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