Photography in Genealogy Archives

Genealogy Camera

Just read an excellent article on Chris Paton’s blog about his attendance at a Scottish Archive Conference where photography in archives was covered and an article in the Guardian newspaper about the same subject. Those archives who don’t allow patrons to photograph documents should be encouraged to move with the times and follow the lead of the National Archives and allow such practices.

Read Chris’s blogpost and then enquire if the repositories you use allows photography and the use of Flip Pal scanners, if they don’t then start a campaign to get them to change their minds!



  1. Maureen Trotter says:

    I really enjoy researching at PROV (Public Record Office of Victoria) because not only can I print or save some records from microfiche to my USB, I can use my camera to take copies of paper-based records. Even better, I can use one of their cameras set up on a stand in a separate room to easily focus on and record images of papers and maps direct to my USB. A fantastic service!

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