Parish Records Transcripts

The genealogist - genealogyI’m back home and back to blogging, sometimes genealogy has to take a place on the backburner and this time it was for all the right reasons Smile

Anyway let’s see what has been happening in the genealogy world……..

The Genealogist has added 323,000+ entries to their Parish Records Transcripts Collection covering Lancashire, Suffolk, Worcestershire. Coverage varies depending on county and parish. I’ve tried to check their website to find the origins of these transcripts, but I can’t find any reference. I suspect that many of them are from Phillimore Transcripts, printed books of transcripts that were printed last century and some Phillimores are available online free from the likes of Google Books and If you buy a subscription, I don’t have one, then you might be able to find out more, but I feel it would be better if The Genealogist was more helpful in naming their sources so you could decide whether to spend your hard earned cash on a subs.

The Genealogist has several levels of subscription and no all parish records are available on the lower subs.

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