Outward Passenger Lists 1890 – 1960

Outward Passenger Lists 1890 - 1960What a good start to 2013, Ancestry has just released a new dataset, Outward Passenger Lists 1890 – 1960. The information concerns passengers leaving UK ports for destinations outside of Europe and covers a time period when emigration was popular and easy as not so many visa, work permits etc. were required. Ancestry tells us that the pre 1890 passenger lists have not survive, which is a great shame.

Not everyone on these lists were emigrating however, some would have been those returning home after a trip to the UK or simply off on holiday.

Generally you can expect to find the following information.

  • name
  • age at departure
  • gender
  • profession
  • last address in the UK
  • last country of permanent residence
  • country of intended permanent residence
  • port of departure
  • country of departure
  • date of departure
  • port of destination
  • country of destination
  • ship name
  • shipping line
  • ship master’s name

File:StateLibQld 1 148399 Malwa (ship).jpgFor example a search for Robert Southey Pottinger showed the following

  • Robert Southey Pottinger
  • Aboard the Malwa, a ship of the P & O S N company
  • Left London 9 December 1921
  • Last UK Address Teign Royal, Teignmouth, Devon
  • 1st class cabin
  • Destined for Bombay, India
  • Occupation – Indian Army
  • 51 years of age
  • Last permanent residence – India
  • Future permanent residence – India
  • He was traveling with his wife Mrs Muriel Pottinger, 31 years of age.

Quite a lot of useful genealogical information to be found amongst these records and might solve a mystery for some family historians as to where a certain person was on census night !

The originals of these records are held at Kew and are Records of the Board of Trade BT26 & BT27.


Image SS Malwa – released by State Library of Queensland under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 license

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