Clergy Ancestors in Your Family History?

Do You Have Any Clergy Ancestors?

If so then this is a must search website. This site proved to be very useful to me when I have been researching my Pottinger family history, the females seemed to be rather attracted to the life of a clergyman’s wife. I must say the thought of a clerical wife always brings to mind the scene from Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth Bennett visits her friend Charlotte who has married the Rev William Collins. Charlotte mentions that married life suits her as she and Mr Collins spend much time apart !

Anyway back to genealogy ….. This website brings together data regarding the careers of clergy from over fifty archives in England and Wales and is the first call for any family history research into clerical ancestors.

The latest update was in March 2017 and it is still being worked on. The modern Exeter data has been reviewed and work is continuing on the diocese of Lichfield and Coventry. I understand that information from the Patent Rolls 1540 – 1660 has been included as has material from Peterborough.

How To use this Family History Database

Easy to use you simply click on the Database tab at the top, enter the surname you are interested in and click search. Then it is just a case of exploring all the tabs and links within the panel concerning your ancestor. I think this is one of those websites where you need to schedule a return visit every few months so that you can keep up to date with any new additions.