North Nottinghamshire Register of Voters, 1885

North Nottinghamshire Voters genealogy

Just received an update from Ancestry regarding the North Nottinghamshire Register of Voters 1885 which was placed online last year. Not all records on Ancestry are indexed and these Register of Voters was one such dataset, however an index to this valuable set of genealogy records is now available.

The registers list all residents who were eligible to vote in the year 1885, the voter’s name, address and the type of property and it’s location that gave the right to vote. Names of landlords if the property was rented are also included. The index has been compiled by the Ancestry World Archives Project volunteers which means the index is free to all not just Ancestry subscribers, but to see scans of the original records you will need to hold a subscription.

As I’ve said above not all records are indexed on Ancestry so they won’t show up on name searches, to see just what is available to search page by page then go to the Card Catalogue and search under the location you are interested in. I’ve written several posts on this before and here are links to two of my posts. Go, take a look and find family history treasure.

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