Non-Conformist Records 1613 – 1901

George Fox Quaker Family HistoryThese records are scanned images from non-conformist registers held at the Norfolk & Norwich Record Office. The collection is made up of registers from Congregational Chapels, Wesleyan Methodist Circuits and Society of Friends (Quakers) Meeting Houses. They are generally of baptisms only, but the Quaker records do include marriages and burials. Non-conformist registers are often more informative than their Church of England counterparts.

Non-conformist’s were people who disagreed with the rules and beliefs of the Church of England and gathered together in groups worshipping God according to their own beliefs. At times in the history of England they have been persecuted and some have lost their lives because they have been unwilling to adhere to the practices of the Church of England.

These images are divided into the locations where the chapel, Circuit or meeting house was situated and then in page order. The collection is not indexed, but can be browsed book by book, page by page.