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  1. Margaret Sutherland says:

    Hi linda
    I have a wonderful old English/French dictionary inscribed Thelma Elliott form four Ashbutorn High school 1912. It is also stamped L Elliott. I have been trying to track down relatives in Asburton but to no avail. I was brought up in Auckland and I think Gertrude Thelma Elliott may have married Malcolm McIntosh Morrison in Auckland as his body is interred at Purewa. One of their offspring must have been friendly with my aunt as I have had this book since I was 12 and used it. Dad got ot from the Sutherland estate. i would love to return it to a direct descendant or will put it in the Ashburton Museum.

    • Hi Margaret
      What a lovely idea to return the book to the family. Sadly I can’t claim to be a relative as all my Elliott’s come from Berkshire and didn’t venture out to NZ. If you can’t find a suitable claimant I am sure that the Ashburton Musuem will be a good place to deposit the book.

  2. Ces Turton says:

    Have quite a lot of Elliott family info, this family came from Dorset Englang in the early 1900’s and there families were generally around Canterbury.

    Should you find a correction please contact me.
    Ces Turton

  3. Hi Ces

    My Elliott’s all came from Berkshire until my grandfather ventured into Hampshire in the early 1900’s. He was the only one though – think all the rest felt safer living where they had always lived!


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