New British Local History website

I got sent this email and had a look at the website. It is a very professional looking site with video, articles and a book shop. Still in it’s infancy I would say that if it catches on then it will be a good resource.

I am writing to introduce myself and the brand new history interest website The new online resource is a fully interactive website where, with your
help, we hope to build a community of like-minded people who can share their stories and views on British local and social history topics. Additionally we also offer the opportunity for people to buy a wide range of books, DVDs and general literature on specific and general British history. What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. We would simply like to ask for your help in helping us to create and promote a site with interesting content for everyone to enjoy.

Members of the public are able to become involved by:
• Adding your story( Upload images and videos)
• Chatting  in the Forum
• Publishing  their story online
• Tell us about their  local area
• Uploading information about their local Society
• Viewing On This Day In History
• Completing a survey
• Checking what’s on TV
• Updating our History Wiki
• Add or look at our classified section



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