New Additions to MadAboutGenealogy

New Additions to MadAboutGenealogy

You may have noticed that some new tabs have appearedĀ  underneath the MadAboutGenealogy Family History GenealogyMadAboutGenealogy logo. Last week I was busy migrating the How To Lessons and Articles from my TeachYourselfFamilyHistory website to this one, this will make the MadAboutGenealogy website a real One Stop Genealogy and Family History Shop!!. You will also see that I have added a New Zealand Genealogy section and lastly a Records By County tab.

All these changes are in response to requests from my readers so I hope everyone finds them useful. Please have a look around and let me know your comments, they are always welcome.

Finally remember that there is the Ask Linda section for you to bring your brick walls and dead ends for me to see if I can help you find a new avenue of research to find your way to discovering even more ancestors!

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