National Probate Calendar 1861 – 1941


National Probate has announced a new addition to their databases

The latest collection on our site is the single most important resource for tracing your ancestors’ wills – and you won’t find it anywhere else online. As well as telling you where and when your ancestors died – and revealing the value of the estate they left – the National Probate Calendar, provides a vital link to wills and probate records created in England and Wales between 1861 and 1941. Find an ancestor in this collection of over 6 million names, and it’s far easier to get a copy of their last testament from the Principal Probate Registry, with all the extra detail that provides.

This is the first time the Calendar has been made available online. Previously, the only way to use it was to visit your nearest district probate registry and comb through the pages manually. Our digitised collection lets you search for a particular name, and by the date and place where probate was granted, so locating your ancestors is a simple process.

This is of great importance to family historians as this calendar hasn’t been available online before. The indexes given quite a bit of information without having to buy the actual will and if you want to purchase the will then this makes it very easy to do.

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