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Press release from the National Library of Wales….

National Library of Wales, GenealogyThe National Library of Wales is pleased to announce that it will reopen on Saturdays from 8 May 2010.
The original decision to close was made in the face of pressure to make significant financial savings quickly – and the building has been closed on Saturdays since 1 April 2009.
There was widespread support by the public during the period that the Library was closed. The Library has been able to respond to that support, to the request of the Government and the enthusiasm of the Heritage Minister Alun Ffred Jones AM and answer the Library’s basic desire to serve the people of Wales by creating a model that is considerably cheaper and which now allows the Library to reopen.
However this is a limited service.
From May 8, 2010 the public will once again be able to make use of the Library’s collections and building. Collections will be available for readers from the Reading Rooms and the exhibitions, the Library’s shop, café and meeting rooms are also available to enjoy in a great location overlooking Aberystwyth.
Because of the limited service, readers will have to order material in advance and there will not be the usual full complement of food at the Library’s Pen Dinas café.

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