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House History

Came across this new website today, I always think that family history easily partners with house history and this website concerns itself with the latter. The idea is that “My Homes Past” provides a link between photos and memories that we have of the houses we have lived in and the people who now live in those homes. It’s a lovely idea and it will be interesting to see if it catches on. 

To use the website you first need to register (another password to remember!!) and then you can add photographs, memories, real estate flyers and purchase and sale details. Once that is done I assume you sit back and see if anyone is also interested in that property.

At the time of writing the properties with details loaded onto the site are mainly in the Essex area and I suspect that they are those that the creators of the website have lived in.  I noted some Google ads on the site of the pages and I presume this is how the costs of the website will be covered. Running websites, as I know, isn’t cheap so I’m happy to have the ad’s there to help with the expenses.

This is a nice idea and if the take-up is sufficient then it will be a useful addition to family history.

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