Keeping Your Resaerch Safe !!

clip_image002I am sure we have all had that heart stopping moment when we realise that our computer isn’t working properly and we might never see the contents of the hard drive ever again. Or perhaps the hard drive has become victim to a virus. All those hours of research, all those ancestors just disappeared !

For the last few months I have been using a service called Dropbox which allows you to store data online. I also have an external hard drive which performs a back up every day, but if I ever got burgled the thieves would probably take the external hard drive as well as the computer!

So I now keep my genealogy completely on my Ancestry Tree and my additional research & other precious info on Dropbox. Both are free (Dropbox gives you 2GB free, but you can buy more space) and gives you peace of mind and keep the ancestors safe!!


The Tale of Two Marriages

clip_image002Today I have been helping a friend to climb over the brick wall he had hit a while back regarding his Irish ancestors. There is so much more on the internet now that he, his wife & I thought we would see if we could extend his family tree back another generation or two.

To cut a long story short, this ancestor had been in the British Army Pay Corp for 21 years, he enlisted in 1896 in co. Cork. We found his army pension record on Ancestry and he states that he married in Kingston upon Thames in 1902 and had 4 children born from 1905 onwards. “That’s not right” said my friend Wendy I’ve got a marriage certificate for that couple, they married in 1900 in Woolwich and they had a daughter in 1901.

We checked FreeBMD website and yes the couple married twice!!! Why goodness knows, but all we could think was that the first time had been without Army permission and to get his wife onto the army marriage list and therefore being paid a married man’s rate he had to produce a marriage certificate. The one for 1900 wouldn’t do as it would have him up on a charge with his senior officer for marrying without permission. So the only thing to do was get married again!!!

Anyone else come across this situation?

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Apps for Family Historians

clip_image002Genealogists have taken to computer and other technology like ducks to water! I am sure that the inventors and designers of computers, ipads, notebooks etc. did not envisage their target market as being people who spend their spare time head down in dusty archives!

Now however the spending power of the family historian is being wooed by the major brands of tech products. In the March issue of Your Family History magazine there is a good article on Apps for family historians, it reviews a range of products with price from “free” to £8.99. If you are the proud owner of an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad then get your hands on a copy of this magazine and see if something featured takes your fancy.

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Irishness Certificates


View DetailsNot sure I would spend my hard earned cash on an Irishness Certificate, but it seems that the government of Ireland is hoping that plenty of others will.

If this appeals then read more about it in the Irish Times – click on the link below

Amazing what Genealogy turns up!

clip_image002A genealogist is burying one of her ancestors after discovering that his bones were held by Bristol Royal Infirmary. The hospital had been storing the skeleton in a box under stairs, but Mary Halliwell is arranging for a burial ….. 180 years after the death occurred.

Who says genealogy is boring!!!

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