Free Indexes to Irish Records



The title of this website might lead you to think it is confined to Leitrim & Roscommon, but in actual fact it covers the whole of Ireland. Worth a look, one of the indexes might just hold the very clue you need!



The Evacuees Reunion Association




Excellent website with amongst other items a growing database available to researchers.


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Bedfordshire Genweb Project



   Here is the Bedfordshire page of the Genweb project. Always worth having a look at the genweb page for your county.



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Genesis – Women’s History



This website highlights research into women’s history. There is a database of where collections of such histories might be found in UK archives, museums & libraries. Also there is a guide to sources that may be found overseas. The website is maintained by the The Women’s Library at London Metropolitan University. Might be just the place to start your search for your female ancestors.







   This website is located under the National Trust banner, it is based on a project undertaken by University College London investigating the distribution of surnames in Great Britain, both current and historic. There are plans for an international version of the database, but no time for it’s completion has been given.

I’ve found this site unexpectedly helpful in given me clues on where to look next.