Military Nurses Records 1856 – 1940


Sue Light has provided Find My Past with 4,000 records regarding Military Nurses 1856 – 1940. I have no idea who Sue Light is, but I think she is one of the growing band of “genealogical heroes” who is allowing their work to go online. Thank you Sue !


Now onto the records…. they comprise five record sets

Army Nursing Service – a small but significant set of 238 nurses of often quite genteel origin, born in the 19th century

Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service – records of 783 nurses, born between 1859 and 1904

Royal Hospital Chelsea Nurses – records of 165 largely untrained nurses, born between 1839 and 1876, who served at the hospital for pensioned soldiers between 1856 and 1910

Scottish Women’s Hospital – records of 1,575 women (and men) who were stationed in continental Europe during WWI

WW2 Military Nurses – details of 1,244 nurses who served in France with either Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, or Queen Alexandra’s Reserve, or the Territorial Army Nursing Service, during WWII


So a dataset well worth a look at.

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