Middlesex Sessions Records 1690–1709 online

Middlesex Sessions GenealogyThis is rather exciting news for those of us who have ancestors who were of, what the Victorian’s used to call, the criminal classes. I’m sure my light fingered ancestors like yours had some very good excuses for their actions!

The Calendar of the Sessions Books for Middlesex 1690 – 1709 were published in 1905 and Ancestry has scanned this publication and it has been indexed by volunteers of the Ancestry World Archives Project. The book has been online for a while, but it was browse only not indexed. If you haven’t taken the time to get to know the Ancestry card Catalogue then you are missing a good genealogy trick.

The cases heard at the sessions are many and varied, wounded soldiers, deserted wives, apprentices absconding, provision for illegitimate children and the list goes on. Licences were also issued by the courts for such activities as ale houses and non-conformist meeting houses.

As an example I put in the one of my London family names – Ashton – and came up with the following –

Middlesex Quarter Sessions Genealogy

You can see that there is quite a lot of information to be had from this newly indexed set of records.


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