Mid Norfolk Family History Society


imageThe Mid Norfolk Family History Society was formed in September 1994 and is a member of the Federation of Family History Societies. Our local members have an interest in Family History in general but do not necessarily have genealogical links to this part of Norfolk. However, we have a large number of distant members with interests in Mid-Norfolk and we aim to assist in their research by collecting and recording family history information from within an area of approximately 10 miles around Dereham.


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  1. Hi there, Is this the correct place to find information for Marriage places and Burial Sites in Fressingfield and Yarmouth South Norfolk England. Have Marriage and Death dates ete.

    Cheers Rosie.

  2. researching Mayhew families from Fressingfield and sibton area cyntha


  3. researching Mayhew families

  4. Hi there,

    How does your society differ from the Norfolk Family Histroy Society? Do you share information or do I need to join both groups?


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