Manchester General Cemetery Project

clip_image002Whilst researching the previous post I came across this website regarding the project to record all the monumental inscriptions in the Manchester General Cemetery. Great website, beautifully presented and with lots of information.

What would the genealogy world do without volunteers such as these. Browsing the website they haven’t just meandered round and recorded the upright stones, but have dug, prised up and generally excavated stones that have fallen over. Well done team Smile


  1. Over the last year we have been researching Manchester general cemetery more locally known as Harpurhey cemetery. We have and are still locating many graves from those brave men & women who served defending our country and freedom. we have managed to what details relating to these persons in a downloadable file for any one on our Manchester & Salford family history website. If anyone requires further help or information please ask on our Manchester and Salford family history forum.

  2. Claire J. says:

    What a wonderful website the mgctp is. So easy to find information and very interesting. I have ancestors in my tree who came from the Harpurhey area. They have not only provided information for the gravestones but also provided photo’s & information of the gravestones for me. The special treat was finding my Gt Grandfathers name listed on their soldiers page, which is beautifully set out, giving those soldiers a beautiful remembrance. Contacting them they provided a photograph of the gravestone, which was buried under soil. Which I would never have found. A site well worth visiting and the Volunteers are wonderful for giving there time and tremendous efforts in recovering this invaluable information. I would recommend anyone to visit the website for they have lots of information not found elsewhere. Thanks to Linda for recommending this site, with reommendations like this we do get the original information to help us trace our ancestors.

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