Manchester Burials Online

IMG_2759Have you got ancestors who might have been buried in Manchester ? If so then this is the website for you. Manchester City Council offer a free database of the burials in the cemeteries in their care.

The database is very easy to use, you put in the names of your ancestor, hit the submit button and it comes up with a list of possible entries. This page gives you the burial date, full name, Cemetery, grave number and at the end of the row is a “view details” button. Click on that and it takes you to a list of who else is in the grave.

You can buy credits which will give you fuller details, but the free part of the database is very helpful on its own.


  1. Linda,
    I can’t begin to tell you just how much I respect and admire the time, dedication and devotion you must have spent, compiling, structuring and, thereby, putting this website together, for the benefit of all genealogy researchers . You deserve immense credit – truly.

    However, I’m a little curious about the absence of information on a couple / three of your links – particularly as the second two highlight free genealogy websites;

    1) With the burials records.manchester,gov,uk, why not advise just how much credits costs and then how many credits it requires to access the ‘further details’. I mention this because I haven’t been able to find this information form the online website.
    2) With the ‘Genealogy records by County’, why not mention; UKBMD, which gives information about far more Counties – additional to the south and east coast Counties. I’m in Lancashire and the lancashirebmd website is one of the best County sites. Cheshirebmd and Yorkshirebmd are not bad either. Also is really excellent for Cemetery (Lower Ince) records; 1856-2007.
    3) In your ‘Further Lessons in Family History’ section under ‘Travel, Immigration and Emigration’ section, you only list: ‘Incoming Passengers Lists UK 1878-1960’. Hence, the heading is a misnomer. I’m positive that the majority of us had / have ancestors who emigrated in the 1800’s under the £10 one way ticket, and in the early 1900’s to Australia & NZ for e.g. So why not include the free websites for emigrants to the the USA through Ellis Island ( and those who went to Oz;, which provides information on unassisted passenger info; 1852-1923, and assisted passengers; 1839-1871??

    Linda, please don’t take this as in any way my ‘having a go’ at your work. My comments are truly intended as constructive observations because, a) I do hugely admire the research you have put together, and b) I used to be responsible for a Local Government’s Local Studies Service.

    Kind regards – and keep up the good work,

    • Hi Paul,
      Sorry for the delay in my replying to you, family matters have taken me away from the website for nearly 6 months.
      Thank you for your comments all of which are valid. It is usually a matter of time and a decision has to be made as to how much I put in a post. I feel I point people in the direction of the material and then allow them to take it from there.

      In a few months time I shall be re-designing the website and some sections will disappear, some new ones added and amendments made. During that process I will bear in mind your comments.

      Kind regards,

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