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The following will be of great help if you can’t find your folk in the recently released London parish registers…..

Cliff Webb one of the very senior genealogists in England has compiled a file of London Parish Register listing errors relating to the LMA & Guildhall material, recently posted onto 

The following are the listing errors that he has found so far for the Middlesex area only.  He is now tackling those for the City of London and these will appear later.
London Borough of Barnet: St Giles, South Mimms. Ancestry list says 1754-1812, it is actually CB 1558-1703
London Borough of Barnet: St Mary,Hendon Ancestry list says 1703-67, yes CB 1703-67, M 1703-30 but St Mary, Heston in London Borough of Hounslow
London Borough of Bexley: St Michael, Welling Ancestry list says 1558-1653, yes CMB 1558-1653 but of St Michael Paternoster Royal in the City
London Borough of Brent: St Mary, Willesden Ancestry list says 1569-74, actually C 1569-1741, M 1574-1738, B 1572-1741
London Borough of Camden: Ancestry list says Emmanuel, Hampstead actually St John at Hampstead
London Borough of Camden: Ancestry list says Percy Chapel 1747-1808, actually Percy Chapel C 1776-1808, Middlesex Hospital C 1747-53 and Fitzroy Chapel   C1779-1805
London Borough of Camden: Ancestry list says St Pancras Parish Church 1793-96 actually B 1793-1812
London Borough of Ealing: The ‘St Mary’ tabs give a mixture of St Mary, Acton and St Mary, Ealing records
London Borough of Ealing: St Mary Hanwell Ancestry list says 1570-1784 actually CB 1570-1719, M 1571-1722
London Borough of Ealing: St Mary Hanwell Ancestry list tabs 1717-24, 1724-60 and 1733-64 are actually St Mary Ealing
London Borough of Greenwich: St Alfege tab ‘1893-1903’ is actually C 1722-83, while ‘1903-13’ is actually C 1784-1812
London Borough of Hackney has no obvious errors but Ancestry’s failure to give C or M or B make the list of Shoreditch almost impossible to use
London Borough of Haringey: St James, Muswell Hill; these are all of Northolt (in London Borough of Ealing), the 1560-1701 is roughly right, but 1700-01 also has B 1678-1724 and 1801-01 is just Banns
London Borough of Haringey: St Mary, Hornsey the tab 1810-32 is actually Banns 1767-68
London Borough of Harrow; all the St Mary tabs are St Mary, Harrow
London Borough of Hillingdon; all the St John the Baptist tabs refer to St John the Baptist, Hillingdon
London Borough of Hillingdon Ancestry list says St Mary, Hayes 1792-1803, actually CB 1792-1812
London Borough of Hounslow: St Paul, Hounslow Heath is actually Holy Trinity, Hounslow
London Borough of Islington: Christ Church, Islington is actually Christ Church Newgate Street in the City
London Borough of Islington: St John the Baptist, Clerkenwell the 1742-84 tab is actually St James, Clerkenwell and digitised there as well
London Borough of Islington: St Luke, Milwall is actually St Luke Old Street
London Borough of Islington: St Mary is St Mary, Islington
London Borough of Lambeth: Ancestry list says St Matthew Brixton
actually Lambeth CB 1788-07 and Stockwell Chapel C 1789-97
London Borough of Lewisham: Ancestry list says St Peter, Lee – in addition to St Peter Lee, is Lewisham C 1801-09 Mole Valley, Reigate and Banstead these are Surrey districts not London Boroughs, as are Elmbridge and Waverley
London Borough of Richmond: Sunbury is partially listed here, partially under Surrey, where it all should be.
St Mary, Staines: Ancestry has separate heading here and one register, but most registers are under Surrey, where they should be
London Borough of Southwark: Christ Church and Christ Church Southwark are the same, but on separate tabs
London Borough of Southwark: Ancestry list says St John Horsleydown 1888-91 but it is actually St Mary Newington B 1780-86 (fee book)
London Borough of Southwark: St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey 1664-1717 tab
this is actually St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street in the City CB 1664-1717, M 1664-1712
London Borough of Southwark: St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey 1767-88 tab this is actually Whitechapel B 1767-88
London Borough of Southwark: St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey 1811-12 tab is actually St Mary Rotherhithe C 1811-12
London Borough of Southwark: St Mary Magdalene the three tabs here should all be subsumed under St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey
London Borough of Southwark: St Mary Newington 1888-91 tab is actually B 1779-1803 (fees)
London Borough of Southwark: St Saviour some minor errors of coverage, the 1790 tab covers C 1790-93, the 1796 tab C 1796-99, the 1799 tab C 1799-1800 and the 1800 tab C 1800-02
London Borough of Southwark: Ancestry list St Saviour, Denmark Park actually this is St Saviour Southwark and should be subsumed under it as should all the entries under the “St Saviour” tab
Stepney: not sure why separate tab for this, in any case Holy Trinity in the Minories should be under the City
Surrey: All Saints, Laleham 1744-1843 tab contains B 1744-89 only
Surrey: St Nicholas, Shepperton the 1538-1642 tab actually contains Streatham C 1539-1663, M 1538-1663, B 1538-1664
London Borough of Tower Hamlets: All Saints, Poplar Ancestry list 1823-29 but actually has C 1788-1805 (day books) and also St Mary
Stratford le Bow C 1719-24, 1770-80, M 1719-25, B 1719-21
London Borough of Tower Hamlets: St Dunstan and All Saints tab 1568-1637 actually C 1608-38
London Borough of Tower Hamlets: a minor irritant, but St John has always been known as St John at Wapping, Ancestry lists as St John of Wapping, the 1707-40 tab contains C 1707-34, M 1707-33 only
London Borough of Tower Hamlets: St Mary Stratford Bow the 1703-42 tab is actually C 1538-1637, B 1538-39 – the end of the register does not seem to have been digitized
London Borough of Tower Hamlets: St Mary Whitechapel the 1664-63 [sic] tab contains C 1642-64, MB 1647-53, the 1678-1717 tab B 1678-87, the 1717-40 tab B 1717-31, the 1788-1812 tab B 1788-92 and the 1811-18 tab C 1811-12
London Borough of Wandsworth: All Saints Battersea 1800-01 tab is actually All Saints Wandsworth M 1801




  1. sam ashby says:

    Strangely just found some Langfords via the LMS site at the Bermondsey address – So thanks the correction which makes much more sense!

    London Borough of Southwark: St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey 1664-1717 tab
    this is actually St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street in the City CB 1664-1717, M 1664-1712

  2. Harris, John George says:

    Looking for John George Harris, birth/baptism at St Saviour’s Southwark 1805 – Would like to identify John’s Parents and location. John was reansported to Tasmania charged and found guilty of Larcency in July 1832 cannot find record of trial but found a John Haris in the trial book for summer Azzizes 1832 found guily of Larcency and given life.

    My thanks for any advice or information


  3. Hi Martin

    I had a quick look at Ancestry London births/baptisms for John George Harris, but he didn’t feature on their database. I noted that St Saviour’s registers appear to be missing for 1802 – 1808 which is just went your chap would have been baptised. I suggest that you email the LMA and ask if they know the whereabouts of these registers or if they hold the BT’s for this period.

    Kind regards
    Linda – Madaboutgenealogy

  4. Judy Pulver says:

    Dear Linda. Could you explain how the southwark and Bermondsey works. they seem to be the same place, but I cannot see how. My family of interest Thomas Pulver + Joanne Englishe were married or baptised at St Olave either Bermondsey, Southwark Surrey, (family members from 1600 – about 1660 Cheers

  5. Hi Judy,
    Southwark & Bermondsey are two separate neighbouring parishes. Bermondsey has two parish churches within it (St James & St Mary Magdalene) and Southwark has 6 parish churches within it’s boundaries (Christ Church, St George the Martyr, St John Horsleydown, St Olave, St Saviour and St Thomas. So St Olave Church is definately in Southwark. Like a lot of London it is very hard to know where one parish ends and another begins and because of such a large population a parish may have a number of churches within it’s area.
    Your local library may well have a copy of “The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers” which you would find very helpful when researching in London. I use it so much I have my own copy, it’s not a cheap book to buy, but I use it so much I think it is good value !
    Hope this helps,

  6. Paulo Rodrigues says:

    Dear Linda,
    I need to get the records parishes in the city of London in the period between 1740 to 1810, relating to marriage, birth and death of my ancestors (Benjamin Miller, James Miller and Margaret Serafton).
    They were Lutherans and James emigrated to Spain between 1798 and 1802, where he died in 1855.
    There is information that James Miller was born in 1777 in London.
    How should I proceed? I appreciate any help ..

  7. Paolo, I have transferred this question to the Ask Linda section and will answer it there. Click on the tab at the top of this page tpwards the right hand side.

  8. Ken Walter says:


    Thank for the clarification – I am researching in the metropolitan area of Surrey and the names given by Ancestry (or is it the LMA?) to some parishes are misleading to say the least!

    Another disappointment is the poor standard of transcription. My surname is WALTER and there is a large proportion that should read WALKER, WALLER, WALTERS, WATERS, and many more …..

    I am posting an alternate transcription on Ancestry, but it is time consuming!

    Regards, Ken


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