Lincolnshire Record Society


Lincolnshire Record SocietyGot ancestors in Lincolnshire then this website will be of interest to you.

The Society was founded in 1910 to print records and documents relating to the ancient county and diocese of Lincoln. The ancient diocese covered not only Lincolnshire, the second largest county of England, but also the wide area which lay within the medieval diocese: the counties of Lincoln, Leicester, Northampton, Rutland, Oxford, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon and northern Hertford. Since 1910 the Society has published ninety five volumes many of which are still in print.

The Society has individual and institutional members from around the world including many leading university and national libraries. Its aim is to publish one volume each year and it always welcomes ideas for new projects. Early volumes were often published in Latin but today its policy is to publish in English whenever possible, or otherwise to provide an English summary.

The Lincolnshire Society’s latest publication is “The Correspondence of the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society 1710-1761”.

Many counties have their own Record Societies and they can be very worth while tracking down.

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  1. Jess Chandler says:

    Dear Linda,

    I am writing from Wall to Wall Television, the production company that makes the BBC1 programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’

    I am trying to find a genealogist/researcher in Lincoln who could carry out some local research for us?

    Is this a service which you offer yourself? If not, might you be able to put me in touch with anyone?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Best wishes,

    Jess Chandler

    • Dear Jess,
      Many apologies for the delay in my reply to your inquiry, due to a family illness I have been offline for a number of months. I am based in Kent so am unable to assist you with Lincoln research.

      However if you ever need a researcher in Kent I would be happy to help.


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