Learn to search smarter with Google webinars

Google Genealogy Family History

Anyone who is interested in genealogy will know that one of the first things you learn is to Google your ancestors names. There can be drawbacks as my friend Jill found when she googled her Brown’s who lived in Windsor – up came thousands of recipes for Brown Windsor Soup !!! However the good definitely outweighs the bad with Google and there are ways of searching for Brown’s of Windsor excluding all soup recipes.

Google have recently put together 6 lessons on how to use their search engine, these will be of great help to both beginners and experienced family historians. These classes are free and are available online permanently, they can be viewed as a video, text or as a slide show.

Each lesson is divided up into several classes and after each class (they last about 5 minutes) there is an exercise so that you can try out what you have just learnt. I haven’t worked my way through all of them, but they seem to be very well produced and useful.

  • Class 1 – Introduction
  • Class 2 – Interpreting results
  • Class 3 – Advanced techniques
  • Class 4 – Find facts faster
  • Class 5 – Checking your facts
  • Class 6 – Putting it all together
  • Power Searching with Search Experts Video
  • Hang Out with Search Experts Video

So put aside some time and learn how to become a Google Power Searcher !


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