LDS Microfilm Ordering now online


clip_image002If you use one of the many Family History Centres around the world you will be pleased to hear that you can now order films and fiche online, all you need is to register on the website, have the film/fiche details and your Visa card.

Get access to billions of records

FamilySearch’s Microfilm Ordering service is your gateway to a vast collection of genealogical and historical records. The service allows you to reserve and loan films to family history centers. The loan is free, but there is a small shipping and handling charge for each film.

Ordering is simple:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Locate the microfilm number(s) you want to order from the Family History Library Catalog located on
    Note: Before ordering any film, check with the local family history center to ensure that the film is not already available at that location.
  3. Select your loan type, enter the microfilm number, and click Search. Repeat this step for additional items.
    There are two types of loans:
    Short-term loans apply to microfilms only, and the films must be returned within 90 days. A 60-day renewal option is available after your short-term loan expires.
    Extended loans apply to both microfilm and microfiche. There is no set return date.

When you are ready to submit your loan order, click the shopping cart in the upper right portion of the screen. You will then have a chance to review and confirm your order. After you submit your order, all films will be delivered to your designated family history center.


  1. I attempted to register and I believe that this is only restricted at this time to Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Jim

  2. Jim, the URL quoted in Linda’s message is specifically for British Isles, Australian and N.Z. residents. There is another site for other parts of the world although I don’t know whether it is active yet. The address is almost the same, simply replace the word film (singular) in the URL with films (plural).

    For clarification: Previously, films could only be viewed at LDS Family History Centres. The new system allows any non-LDS Family History or Genealogical Society, etc. to become an approved place where films can be viewed. On placing an order the client nominates the Society to which the film/fiche is to be sent. Obviously, that will normally be the closest to his/her residence. If he/she doesn’t know, they will be offered a list of the nearest approved Societies within their area from which to choose. This is a massive benefit to those folk who may previously have been many hours distant from a LDS FHC.


  3. Geo., Thanks for the info. I just went on and discovered that the only state in the US at this point-in-time with availability is Utah and specific only to one location which is listed.

    There are some other countries where the online ordering is available. It appears that when one chooses – Select State/Province (if none, select “Not Applicable”) – it appears that a list of available Family History Centers and locations are then provided as a choice for receipt of one’s order.

    I think this is a tremendous undertaking by the Library and I can imagine amount of work regarding the follow up with the setting up process.


  4. It works well here in Australia, Jim. Initially it was just here and N.Z. The addition of the UK is very recent. The online ordering system only started on January 5 this year. I suspect they chose this area to start because it is a fairly small market thus good for ironing out any bugs in the setup. There were only a couple minor glitches which they resolved very quickly. Hopefully, they’ll roll it our US-wide very soon.


  5. Richard says:

    The online version is going live in Florida USA on August 24 2011

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