Kent 1/4 Sessions & Court Files, 1600-1883

The latest update from FamilySearch shows that images of Kent Quarter Session & Court Files 1600 – 1883 are now available for searching. These aren’t indexed and you will have to search them page by page as we used to do in pre internet days !!

However if you haven’t used quarter session records before then you are in for a treat. They give so much information that isn’t found elsewhere. What a joy to have such records being scanned and now online.

You will need to sign up for a Familysearch account, but this is very easy.

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  1. You should make it clear that the images are only available to LDS members or at FamilySearch centres. Just signing up for an account isn’t enough. I index for the LDS and can’t see the images.

  2. Hi
    Yes you are absolutely right. I couldn’t get into see the images, but thought it might be me not working through the system correctly. However I think it is still good to let people know they are available.
    Regards Linda

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