Keeping on Track with your Family History

KeepingIf you are like me you can quite easily find yourself side-tracked when doing your research. For example you start looking for Army Records for an ancestor, you go onto and then find a likely entry, start looking at those record only to find it isn’t your chap. BUT you see that this soldier served in India, you begin to wonder how he coped with all that heat after coming from the low lying Fens and before you know it you have done searches on the British Army in India, the history of the Fens, Malaria and it’s effects on the Victorian Soldier and become what my friend Val calls a "5 minute expert" on the the Raj and it’s consequences down to the present day!!

A 5 minute expert is someone who becomes knowledgeable about a subject after intensive research, but ask them a question about it a few weeks later and they can’t tell you a thing!! According to Val genealogists are very prone to this malady!!

Anyway I came across this link which might help you keep on track.

Having said all of the above I must say I rather like getting side-tracked sometimes 🙂


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