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John Windmill genealogyHere is another query that has come into the MadAboutGenealogy website. The query is in blue and my answer is in black.

My great grandfather was a lock keeper at Ivinghoe Locks at the early part of the 19th Century. By chance I found a photo of him on ancestry but the image is too small to read the description underneath, I have since spent hours trawling websites to see if I could find any more photos but no luck. Do you have details of lockeepers or can you recognise where this photo may have come from?

kind regards Liz

Hi Liz

Like you I couldn’t make out the inscription under the rather splendid photograph of Jabez Windmill so I searched the public Ancestry Trees online for Jabez and checked out the ones that had the small photo logo next to them. The logo is a picture of a small camera and indicates that pictures are attached.

The second tree I checked was one entered by Sally Channing and she had the same photo as the one you sent me the link to, but this time it was crystal clear.

The inscription reads

The lock keeper: John Windmill with his daughter Ella at Ivinghoe Lock on Sunday 15 May 1904 on which they attended the anniversary of Ledburn Baptist Chapel, near Mentmore.

The photo was originally submitted by Christopher Windmill and has been copied onto several other trees. I did click on Christopher’s name to see if I could find out what else he had submitted, but it came up as profile unavailable so perhaps his Ancestry subs has lapsed.

Lots of lovely clues in that inscription; the date and place of the photograph, it’s John Windmill not Jabez Windmill, he has a daughter Ella and they were non-conformists.

Hope this helps,



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