Irish Prison Records go online

clip_image002Today, launched online for the first time the Irish Prison Registers 1790-1920, one of the greatest untapped resources for those tracing their Irish roots.

The original Prison Registers, held at the National Archives of Ireland, cover all types of custodial institutions, from bridewells, to county prisons, to sanatoriums for alcoholics. They contain over 3.5 million entries, spread over 130,000 pages, with most records giving comprehensive details of the prisoner, including: name, address, place of birth, occupation, religion, education, age, physical description, name and address of next of kin, crime committed, sentence, dates of committal and release/decease.

The registers offer a real insight into 18th-19th century Ireland. They present evidence of a society of rebellion and social confrontation, where rioting and assault of police officers were everyday occurrences, and of rampant poverty and destitution, with the theft of everything from handkerchiefs to turnips.


  1. mary muller says:

    I would like information on Ireland, Prison Registers 1790-1924 for Mary Dooly, prisoner. Offence: Workhouse Offence, Cork Union. She was born in Killarney in 1933. (Maiden name Moriarty)

  2. Hi Mary,
    To access the prison registers so that you can search for Mary Dooly would require you to subscribe to the FindMyPast Irish website
    I notice that you ask for the registers 1790 – 1924 to be searched, but say that Mary was born 1933. Is this a typo and should read 1833?

  3. Thanks, Linda. Of course the birth date should have been 1833!
    My computer kept shutting down yesterday when I tried to access the f.m.p. in Ireland one. I’ll try again now. I do have some subscription left. Hopefully I can find the prison record!

    Thanks again for your prompt reply

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